Once destroid and demolished, today iconic property that preserves tha carm of once with a romantic soul and impeccably modern service. The pride of Villa Xaxat are zhe exhibited works of art that adorn the interior of the premises.

A domestic interior doesn’t need clamorous manifestation to affirm its elegance. Classic and vintage style mixed with contemporary gives to the villa a sober and fresh elegance. The bridal room are designed for an intimate romantic experience is garnished with fresco of the amoretti and gives a light touch of autenticity to the interior.

Retro accents, delicate shades. The style manifests through graceful refinement. Actually is obvious: the classic discover a new charm, equally sophisticated and eternal.

A constatly evolving misen en scen, that pervades the past by telling the future, is in harmony with fashion, culture and every form of art. The Roman fresco is combined with contemporary interior design.

    Apartma 1

    Apartma 2

    Apartma 3